Thursday, October 8, 2015

Episode #22-Theodosia Burr

The Encyclopedia of Women in American History described her ‘one of the best educated women of her generation,’ while America’s 3rd Vice President regarded her as his most trusted confidante. The daughter of (in)famous Founding Father Aaron Burr, Theodosia’s life was characterized by public scandals and private tragedies including her own mysterious disappearance at age 29. Tune-in to this week’s Halloween-inspired episode to learn more!


Kilian said...

Love the podcast. When I found it, I downloaded all the archived episodes and by listening to the most recent and the oldest, I have finally caught up. One minor correction to this post. You said she had a cachet of letters, but I think perhaps you meant to say she had a cache of letters, because cachet doesn't make sense in that context. Rock on!

deb4crows said...

Very much enjoyed this information presented in such an entertaining manner.

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