Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Episode #4: Alice Roosevelt Longworth

From maverick first daughter to Washington power broker, Chelsea and the Bush twins got nothin’ on Alice Roosevelt Longworth. Tune-in to discover more about the eccentric life of Teddy Roosevelt’s favorite child.

Episode #4: Alice Roosevelt Longworth (Show Notes)

In an era when society demanded women and men conform to guidelines governed by gender and class, Alice Roosevelt Longworth broke the rules. From mutinous teenager racing cherry red auto through the streets of DC to capital grande dame skewering those of lesser wit, "she lived on the cream at the top of the bottle."

Her arrival coincided with the death of her mother, Alice Lee Hathaway, and her paternal grandmother. For her first three years of life, she was fostered by her doting Auntie Bye. When father Teddy remarried, at last she was brought into the family fold. Unsurprisingly, she clashed regularly with her endlessly absent father and old-fashioned step-mother. When the Roosevelts ascended to the White House, Alice’s outrageous exploits gained a world-wide audience. She crowned was crowned “Princess Alice,” and admirers devoured reports of her dancing ‘til sun-up and shooting her pistol off the back of trains. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

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Episode #3: Queen Isabella of France

From majorly side-lined tween bride to the “Queen that Conquered England,” Isabella of France was one bad-ass chick! Tune-in to discover more about the woman history’s deemed the “She-Wolf.”

Episode #3: Queen Isabella of France (Show Notes)

Long before Shakira unleashed her inner carnivore, there was Queen Isabella of France, the original “She-Wolf.” The daughter and wife of two megalomaniacal monarchs, Isabella was deemed little more than a political pawn. But Isabella was hardly some languishing princess in a tower, and when eventually the boys played themselves into a corner, she became the “Queen that Conquered England.”

Episode #2: Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald

Husband F. Scott Fitzgerald called her his “barbarian princess from the South,” other folks just called her crazy! Tune-in to discover more about the tumultuous life of dancer, author, and artist Zelda Fitzgerald.