Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Episode#1: Welcome to History, Bitches (Show Notes)

I don't give a damn 'bout my bad reputation
You're living in the past it's a new generation
A girl can do what she wants to do and that's
What I'm gonna do
An' I don't give a damn ' bout my bad reputation

-Joan Jett And The Blackhearts
I’m pretty sure, that when Joan Jett penned the song “Bad Reputation,” she wasn’t thinking about Catherine de’ Medici, Empress Wu Zetian, or any of antiquity’s other notorious bitches. Who knows, maybe she was… But, regardless of her muse, women throughout history (from Adam’s wayward wives Lilith and Eve to Hillary Clinton) have been maligned for not giving a damn ‘bout their reputation. And that my friends, is what this podcast is about-giving those besmirched women a fair shake. My goal isn’t just dropping knowledge; it’s also to encourage you to look at familiar stories from a new perspective. Was Cleopatra really a bitch, or did girlfriend just know how to work it? You can decide that yourself. I’ll provide the facts, and all you need to do is listen. Sound like a deal?

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